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Our Company Information

We are the pioneer and the largest manufacturer of Co-extruded Seamless Plastic tubes in India with more than 50% domestic market share. In addition to this 45% of our capacity is exported to our customers in USA, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Australia.


  Oriented Flip Top Tube
This is the latest trend in cosmetics industry.The major advantage of this tube is that the opening of the flip top matches with the centre of the tube.This improves the aesthetic appeal of the product tremendously.Right now, we provide oriented flip top caps in dia 35mm and dia 50mm .
Comb Tube
This tube can be a big marketing tool for Hair Gel and Hair color companies as the use of hands will no more be needed. The customer can apply the product directly with comb And hence the product becomes more customer friendly
New Launches...
Twist Top | Two in One
Best suitable for products that need specific application Under Eye Cream, Acne Cream, Anti Aging Cream, etc. read more...
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