Our Company Profile

APT Packaging Ltd – Division of Anil Chemicals And Industries Limited is the pioneer and the largest manufacturer of Co-extruded Seamless Plastic tubes in India. In 1997 tube division started its production and since then we remained leader in our segment of business and have maintained more than 50% share in domestic market.
After gaining experience in the domestic markets we started our exports with humble beginning in the year 2002, since then our exports are continuously on increase because we more than compensate our offshore customers for their physical distance by our quick response, short lead periods and consistent quality. At present about 45% of our capacity is exported to our customers in USA, Europe, Middle East and African continents.
State-of-the-art technology, experienced personnel and good manufacturing practices enables us to produce tubes of international standard. Our technological superiority and its continuous up- gradation combined with our focus to the customers need has always given us the edge to earn the customer's confidence.
We offer variety of shapes and sizes of tubes in different colors ranging from 10 ml to 300 ml fill size, with different dispensation of nozzles and orifices along with matching caps and variety of decoration.

Quality System Outline
Availability of following inspection & testing equipments / instruments:

  • Melt flow index tester for inspection of the basic polymers.
  • Envionmental stress cracking resistance tester.
  • Microscopic video processor for identification of EVOH / EVAL layer in tube.
  • Chemical analysis for EVOH.
  • Day light chamber for color comparision.
  • Push pull meter to determine the opening force of flip top caps.
  • Opacity Tester for verification.
  • Laboratory tube sealer.
  • Bursting / delamination tester.
  • Bar code scanner.

Quality Policy

We at APT Packaging Ltd are committed to manufacture and supply co-extruded seamless plastic tubes to meet customer expectations in terms of specifications & product delivery.

Implementing & Maintaining Quality Management System as per requirements of ISO 9001-2000

Continuously improving the Quality Management System.

Effectively utilizing the resources.

Employee development, upgrading skills of the people through training.

Continuously evaluating & upgrading our product & process.